Home Infusion

Vital Care of Greenville has many home infusion management programs for both chronic and acute disease states. We treat patients of all ages with a vast array of conditions.

What is Home Infusion?

Home infusion refers to the administration of medications, fluids, or other therapeutic agents directly into a patient’s bloodstream through intravenous (IV) or subcutaneous (under the skin) routes in the comfort of their own home. This method of healthcare delivery allows patients to receive complex and long-term treatments outside of a hospital or clinic setting.

Here are some key points about our home infusion services:

  • Medications and Therapies: Home infusion is commonly used for administering medications such as antibiotics, specialty medications, and immunoglobulin therapy. It can also involve the infusion of fluids and nutrients.
  • Conditions Treated: Patients who may benefit from home infusion include those with acute or chronic conditions, infections, immune deficiencies, and other conditions that require ongoing infusion therapy.
  • Home Infusion Services: We coordinate and provide specialized healthcare staff to support a patient’s at-home infusion needs.
  • Equipment: Home infusion typically involves the use of specialized infusion pumps and other equipment to administer medications or fluids at a controlled rate.
  • Monitoring: Patients undergoing home infusion are regularly monitored by healthcare professionals during and after their infusion. Our team may also follow up after initial treatments to ensure no adverse reactions were experienced.
  • Benefits: Home infusion offers several advantages, including increased convenience for patients, reduced healthcare costs compared to hospital-based infusion, and the ability to maintain a more normal lifestyle during treatment.
  • Safety Measures: Patient safety is a top priority in home infusion. Our staff take steps to ensure that patients and caregivers are educated about the treatment, that there are mechanisms for communication in case of issues, and that there are protocols in place for emergency situations.

Overall, home infusion is an evolving field in healthcare that aims to provide more personalized and patient-centered care for individuals requiring ongoing infusion therapy. It allows patients to receive necessary treatments in a familiar and comfortable environment, promoting adherence to treatment plans and potentially improving overall outcomes.

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