On-Site Sterile Compounding

Vital Care of Greenville’s new state of the art sterile compounding clean room provides a safe environment for the preparation of prescriptions for your needs. Our clean room has been built and configured with the highest standards for safety adhering to the most recent USP 797 requirements. Unlike most other infusion services in Greenville, with VC of Greenville, you will know exactly where your prescription is prepared and you’ll know that it’s being done the right way.

What is On-Site Sterile Compounding?

It is a specialized type of pharmacy that is equipped to prepare sterile medications for patients. Sterile compounding involves the preparation of medications in a sterile environment to prevent contamination and ensure the safety of patients who require sterile medications, such as injections, intravenous (IV) infusions, and other sterile dosage forms.

Compounding pharmacies, in general, customize medications to meet the specific needs of individual patients when commercially available medications are not suitable. Sterile compounding goes a step further by emphasizing the aseptic techniques necessary to prevent the introduction of contaminants into the medications during the preparation process.

VC of Greenville adheres to strict quality standards and regulatory guidelines to ensure the integrity and safety of the medications they prepare. This includes maintaining a clean and controlled environment, using sterile ingredients, and employing proper techniques for compounding, filling, and packaging sterile medications.

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